Maria Fontana

The process is simple, the results are profound.

I mentor you in the most comfortable way that works for you. I don’t impose a system, training or other pre-packaged product that confuses or adds more drama, stress to your life. I know being a business leader requires a lot of energy, time and stamina, and I aim to enhance your ability to thrive without the burden of BS  tasks.

Here’s how I do it:

We meet via video or in-person to discuss your challenges and what you want to change or improve.

I formulate a personalized program that will help you achieve those goals. I take into account your time frame, budget and any potential roadblocks you may encounter as you work with me.

I guide you through your highly personalized program and provide the specific support and accountability you need every step of the way to achieving your version of success.

The main objective is to be a resource that empowers you to the level (or beyond) of Alignment necessary to live a life that feels good for you every day. Are you ready?

  • Zen & Profits Group Mastermind 
  • Zen & Profits Day Intensives​
  • Private ​High-Level Consulting 

Time to Co-Create High-Vibe, Profitable businesses. 
​Helping female business owners incorporate Spirituality & Strategy into their business to create Zen & Profits.​


​Zen & Profits  Private Consulting

Designed exclusively for high-vibe CEO’s and Entrepreneurs, The Zen Private Consulting is a hands-on 6-month commitment designed to energetically elevate your results in business and life. Each program is custom-designed to fit your unique needs and meet you where you are in the moment—which is always where the greatest opportunity for growth is born.

Included in The Zen Private Consulting VIP

Intake Process: You’ll kick off your program with a 90-minute intake session where you will dive deep into the patterns in your life and identify the clear conscious and subconscious energetic blocks keeping you from having what you desire.

2 in Person Sessions: Twice in 6 months, you’ll meet with Maria in person at your location for a full day immersion session that includes the Angel light alignment, deep healing, and energy work and energetic goal setting for the next six months.

Weekly Private Calls: Each week you’ll hold 30- to 60-minute private consultations with Maria to review current experiences and shift energy to your advantage. Maria will also be consistently guiding you on new strategies for growth and how to hold the energy to allow your results to unfold.

Text and Phone Support: You will be provided Maria's private cell phone for text and phone support throughout your program so you can navigate challenges and celebrate the luminous wins along your journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Zen Private Consulting, schedule a complimentary consult with Maria.​​


This isn’t just any business growth program – it’s a decided pivot opportunity for YOU to choose YOU, your success and well being… and all that living aligned makes possible. I am a salon expert. life coach, business coach

This exclusive experience is for any business or salon owner who is ready for a rapid breakthrough to the next level in their personal and professional life.
It’s a good fit if you know you’re here for a bigger purpose, yet you’ve struggled to ground yourself in a way that is aligned with divine guidance.  You know you’re playing small but find it difficult to release what’s slowing you down or stopping you. You’re ready to come home to your whole self and enjoy the pleasures of life while sharing your unique gifts.

I get it. That was me, years ago. It was painful to feel like I wasn’t living my higher purpose, but I didn’t know what to do next to create a profitable and PEACEFUL salon & business atmosphere. I figured out the secret and now I am sharing it globally.

What if you could…
be in a guided state of flow every day, doing what you love. Imagine having steady support from a wise, intuitive mentor who sees your greatness and has the insight and tools to help you achieve what you most desire.

You feel good because you’re honoring yourself as you’re making a powerful difference.

You show up each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. You hang out with people who absolutely light you up. Your bank account reflects the fact that you are SUPPORTED, DIVINELY GUIDED AND ON PURPOSE every step of the way.

As you come home to your higher self…

Your CREATIVITY bursts open and you’re dancing in the JOY of living your purpose every day. Your soul is fulfilled and you’re feeling YES – it’s happening!

With this solid energy foundation in place, your ZEN EXPANDS. Your Business GROWS. You stand in your full potential.