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 I am a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur ~published Author, Intuitive Business & Empowerment Coach-Consultant, Educator, Speaker with over 25 years of experience in getting purpose driven results for my clients.  My passion is helping new and growing entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves, inside and out.  All while discovering their own innate gifts,  power and potential to be truly authentic, happy, successful and thriving in a passionate, purpose-filled life and business. I am a Lightworker with badass business sense.

I have been helping clients just like you step into their power and make their dreams come true, from starting a business to growing and learning the latest online selling & marketing strategies including demystifying social media and simple business set up.
My own experiences as a successful  Entrepreneur of multiple 6 figure businesses both brick and mortar and online, experience in the financial sector and education have been the foundation of my knowledge and growth. I am also passionate and certified in Guided Imagery Meditation and Mindset Practices which stem from my spiritual connection to Energy and Lightwork.

I own all this even while dealing with and overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, divorce, being a mom to two awesome humans, not losing my mind and continually working on myself.  These chapters of my life have guided and compelled my passion for helping others grow, heal and succeed with real-life soul-powered business solutions.  I have been through hell and just kept on going. We all got shit, you got to turn that shit around.  I did and you can too! My Life purpose is to go against the grain to share, support and help new & growing entrepreneurs create a life and business they freaking love, regardless of what anyone thinks. You hold the power to thrive and be happy deep down in your soul while doing what you love, trust me.

 "To be vulnerable is to be human, to tell your story, share your knowledge and help others is Light."  MF

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