Maria Fontana  Life Coach

Maria Fontana

Maria Fontana is a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur ~published Author, Life Coach, Business Advisor, Educator,  Speaker, Salon Owner, Board Member Of NJSBCHS,  with over 25 years experience in transforming and healing her clients, friends, and family.  My passion is helping people become the best version of themselves, inside and out.  All while discovering their own innate beauty,  power and potential to be truly authentic, happy, successful and thriving in a passionate, purpose-filled life and career.

Maria is an innovator in small business, an expert in the  cozy  business concept, "Small is the new Big."  She has been a successful entrepreneur, Coach  & salon owner for over 25 years.

My own experiences in dealing with and overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, co-dependency, childhood/ adult dysfunction, and divorce all while being a mom to two awesome humans, an entrepreneur of two business's and continually working on myself.  These chapters of my life have guided and compelled my passion in helping other women grow, heal and succeed with real-life and business solutions.  I have been through hell and just kept on going. We all got shit, you got to turn that shit around.  I did and still struggle some days, but I continuously work on myself and heal while sharing my success with other women.  You hold the power to thrive and be happy deep down in your soul, trust me.

 "To be vulnerable is to be human, to tell your story, share your knowledge and help others is Light."  MF

Life is a garden, if you want things to grow you must Cultivate it!