Intuitive Personal Development & Business Expert


Maria Fontana

Intuitive Personal- Development & Business Expert

I help high-performance female Entrepreneurs attain what is important in their lives and businesses by fixing what is not working, sometimes starting with you.  I help you create a High-Vibe, Profitable business by aligning Personal Development, Business Strategy and Energetic Mindset Rituals.

​Implementing an approach that synthesizes businessstrategy, mind, and spirit, Maria has a profound manner of helping you to realize how powerful you truly are and that any imaginable outcome is within your grasp. With this type of guided energetic alignment, Maria empowers you to rise beyond current limitations and generate opportunities that open new pathways to what you want better known as Results through Zen & Profits.

You are deserving and capable of so much more

Don’t let your mindset and blocks keep you from having a greater impact. You are a business leader. Look at what you’ve accomplished so far—and yes, I believe you are capable of so much more, and I don't mean only financially.

Female business leaders with incredible potential often miss opportunities to earn more, thrive more and enjoy more due to limitations such as:

  • Lack of simplifying, and too much hustling, difficulty scaling
  • Lack of allowing for rest and relaxation
  • Day-to-day operational challenges (putting out fires)
  • Inability to schedule and manage time effectively
  • Struggles on how to work smarter not harder
  • No matter how hard you work, you still feel unsatisfied

This is the reality of business. However, I can show you how to change that reality so you are empowered to achieve the outcomes you want for yourself and your business seamlessly.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could achieve more by igniting the innate skills, talents, Intuition and Magic you already have within yourself?

I believe you can and invite you to step into how that reality looks for you right now.