Maria Fontana  Life Coach



​Maria is a coach who shares true life experience and solutions which create results.  She is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years experience of working with women from all walks of life, guiding them to independence both personally and professionally.  She is a Certified Business & Life Coach, Educator & Guest Speaker. IHP, Guided Imagery Facilitator, Hypnosis Practitioner, Angel Guide Practitioner

Group Coaching


Has change been on your mind?

You want more but are not sure where to begin? If you answered  Yes, you are in the right place. Have you often contemplated life and your purpose, your dreams and what you really want? You fear change or doubt yourself because someone told you so.  You want to let go of pain and feeling stuck but have no clue where or how to start, let me share how. Deep inside you know that there is more!

I help big-hearted women create Alignment, Empowerment,

and Success they desire in Life & Business.

You are at a fork in the road

  • You feel confused or overwhelmed
  • You have lost yourself and your focus
  • You have been surviving, but want to be thriving
  • You have listened to other's and allowed them to control your choices
  • You are tired of being held back by someone or something

Your unique program will be tailored to you because I do not believe in cookie cutter methods.

I can help you...........

  • Get Clarity
  • Learn to Shift your mindset
  • Learn to see things differently
  • Take soul inspired action to change what isn't working
  • Trust your intuition and receive from the universe
  • Squash fear and feeling paralyzed
  • Stop negative talk
  • Are you ready to say NO ..........
  • No more shitty relationships
  • No more saying yes, when you mean No!
  • No more excuses
  • No more self-doubt
  • No more life-sucking jobs
  • No more being taken advantage of 
  • No more feeling stuck
  • No more feeling like SHIT!

Are you ready to say YES to yourself? Change your mindset? Follow your dreams and feel good?

I am here to serve you! 

I am honored and grateful to share this healing journey with you.

It's Your time.....

Schedule your Complimentary call with me

Maria is an expert and creator of  "The Solo Entrepreneur  Business Concept for Women"  and will guide you to creating and sustaining a profitable, passion-based  on-line or at home small business with big results all while enjoying the freedom and Joy of being your own "Boss". Business concepts that generate results for women with a splash of spirituality.

"I was so afraid of hiring a coach, but from the first second, I met Maria I felt comforted. She listened and understood my needs and designed the perfect plan for me, I have grown in ways I never knew possible, I am so grateful and recommend the complimentary call, it was a life changer for me."

Different Options to Work with Me


Maria typically works with incorporating energy, positive tools, and strategies to assist you while guiding you through the process of introducing new habits, patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that support positive manifestation. Maria helps women awaken to their inner- higher power through their spiritual connection with alignment, and help them manifest their own reality with their own intentions.