You want more but are not sure where to begin? If you answered  Yes, you are in the right place. Have you often contemplated life and your purpose, your dreams and what you really want? You fear change or doubt yourself because someone told you so.  You want to let go of pain and feeling stuck but have no clue where or how to start, let me share how. Deep inside you know that there is more!

You are at a fork in the road

  • You feel confused or overwhelmed
  • You have lost yourself and your focus
  • You have been surviving, but want to be thriving
  • You have listened to other's and allowed them to control your choices
  • You are tired of being held back by someone or something

Your unique program will be tailored to you because I do not believe in cookie cutter methods.

I can help you...........

  • Get Clarity and start a business
  • Shift your mindset to become a powerhouse entrepreneur
  • Put into action the steps to set up, grow and sustain a heart-centered or spiritual business
  • Create a business that offers freedom, financial income, and Joy
  •  See things differently to live on purpose 
  • Take soul inspired action to change what isn't working
  • Trust your intuition and receive from the universe
  • Squash fear and feeling paralyzed
  • Step into your Power and monetize
  • Say yes to sharing your gifts and talents with the world
  • Are you ready to say NO ..........
  • No more working 9-5
  • No more making someone else rich on your skills
  • No more kissing ass to hold on to your job
  • No more shitty hours
  • No more saying yes, when you mean No!
  • No more excuses
  • No more self-doubt
  • No more life-sucking jobs
  • No more being taken advantage of 
  • No more feeling stuck
  • No more feeling unfulfilled

Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

Follow your dreams and be an Entrepreneur?

I am here to serve you! 

I am honored and grateful to share this healing journey with you.

It's Your time.....

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Let’s Create a Soul Powered Business for Success

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I believe that anything and everything is possible for you, and it’s my life purpose to help you to see that too and become who 

You see, once you truly (and I mean truly) believe that you really can have, do, be and achieve whatever it is that you want, you become limitless:

You shoot for the stars
You don’t make excuses
You do the work
You don't apologize
You are non-negotiable for your success

You don't give a shit what anyone thinks
You invest 100% in you

And when you show up like that? Well, that’s when super big things happen.

And I know super big things will happen for you!

The Checklist​

The Three Things You Must do (and probably aren't) to prepare for Boss Life.

Hi! I am Maria Fontana

I'm an Intuitive Business CoacH for ambitious big-hearted women who are ready to bust through their limiting beliefs, start a business and manifest the income, impact, and influence they know they’re meant for.

I’ve worked with women just like you who are ready to manifest massive success and a heart-centered business, like yesterday. They’re ready to uplevel their mindset, implement the soul
-aligned strategy, and take massive action to propel them towards the life and business they dream of.

I bring to the table 25+ years being a successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses, Coaching qualifications, my obsession with Energy work, empowering women and soul powered intuition. I help my clients get the results to live on purpose with free time, flexibility, and financial abundance to truly enjoy life.

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I help Ambitious Big-Hearted  Women become Entrepreneurs, Skyrocket their confidence, Intuition, and Bank account.

So that you can thrive living on purpose, empowered, with flexibility, free time and plenty of money to truly enjoy life.

Maria Fontana   

Intuitive Business Coach