The Maria Fontana Transformation
 Is A Fusion Between Strategy, Spiritual Guidance, Siren Sales And A Little Bit Of Magic.
If You Want To Leap Into 6 Or 7 Figures And Beyond, With Badass Strategy And A Splash Of Grace, 
Then The Maria Fontana Transformation Is For You.
Making Money Is A Natural Result Of Aligning With Your Soul Purpose, Implementing Proven Strategies, Owning Your Magic And Unleashing Your Unique Brand Of Service.

Let’s Create a Soul Powered Business for Success

For Serious Spiritual Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Take Their Business Online And Make 6 Figures Doing What They Love

What if you could put a proven system in place to help clients and bring them into your business month after month, and you were able to help those people in a way that resonates with you, get them results and fits perfectly into WHO YOU ARE so you can have more time for yourself to actually enjoy your success?

 The Maria Fontana Transformation
I show you how to create a lucrative, purpose-driven online business and help more people in less time and how to turn that into a repeatable process that you can rely on month after month.

You see, most people think an online business is more work, confusing or overwhelming..... so they unconsciously sabotage the growth of their business, and stay stuck in the old comfort zone. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You don't have a road map to get your business smoothly running online.

You are so DONE with all the online Guru's and their Big Box coaching bullshit.

You just want a simple, not so high tech, way to do your thing online without losing your mind.

 Your income is so inconsistent, or non-existent that you are ready to give up.
You’re exhausted because you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but the tangible results are just not showing up like you’ve expected or they are just dead.

 You feel like you get sidetracked in the day to day of prepping and planning in your business that you don’t have time to do the things you actually enjoy doing.

 You know there is something better, something is ‘off’,  but you don’t know what it is so you keep chasing your tail trying to figure it out.

 You feel like you can’t walk away from your business, for a vacation… or even for a weekend and want more freedom.

 You just want to have that breakthrough that changes EVERYTHING but you just don't know how to make that happen.

My clients work with me because they want to create predictable income in their businesses without burning out, selling out or having to jump from launch to launch.

I’m only looking for serious entrepreneurs who are committed to getting big results in their business. 

Because I KNOW this from EXPERIENCE........
If you want to leap into 6 or 7 figures and beyond, with badass strategy and a splash of grace, then the Maria Fontana Transformation is for you.

Over the next 90 days, you will learn how to bring your business online and lay a strong foundation for a 6 figure income.

Part #1:
-find your niche, messaging and audience
-create your program
-create your offer
-learn proven strategies to grow a 6 figure income online.
-you will create one offer, one way to sell, one way to deliver, one price. One Simple Way to Optimize Your Business.
-learn online strategies, simple tech, and execution

Part #2:
Then you’ll learn how to utilize the power of strategy and your Intuition to:
-scale your business to 6 figures
-have free time to actually enjoy your success and income on autopilot
-market organically to your ideal audience and create massive impact for those who need your Magic, skills, and expertise

Who is this for:
Coaches, Creatives, Holistic & Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are working their way to 6+ figures online

Includes: The Outcome:  I Guarantee that you will get your online business up, running and attract at least 1 new client during my program or I’ll keep helping you until you do.
( If you show up and do the work) after the 90 days is complete.

Access to my Private & Exclusive Online Learning Academy with 24/7 Access to training
(that are updated regularly), with worksheets, videos, audio, templates, swipe files & more... . It’s simple, watch & then execute. You can learn and execute whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. ($1997 value)

12 -  Weekly Strategy 1:1 calls to support you as you go ($5997 value)

Exclusive access to my Personal Proven Organic marketing Strategy Templates. No more guessing on what to post or do. Use my 20+ posts that built my business to 6 figures. ($1197 value)

Done for you offers and Core Program Creation ($1697 value)

An entire email campaign template for a total of 16 emails, done for you.
 Just swipe out my info with yours. ($697 value)

My entire MFT Intuitive Business Strategy Playbook with 15 of my most successful Mindset strategies which I personally use for myself and my clients. ($197 value)

Voxer access so you can contact me anytime you have questions. ( Priceless)

You will Also Get These Bonuses!

Bonus #1:
 I will set up your FIRST Core Offer! I understand how stressful creating a new online business and Sparkling offer that sells can be, so I will help you fast track your business by doing the hard part for you! ($3997 value)

Bonus #2: Intuitive & Mindset Intensives-

6 - Intuitive Healing & Guided Imagery Sessions delivered to your inbox. Maria will support you in your Energetic, Mindset & Spiritual growth as your business skyrockets into the vibration of pure Love & Abundance. ($1997)

TOTAL VALUE OF $17.776.00
For Only $5997 

Dear Beautiful Souls,
I believe that anything and everything is possible for you, and it’s my life purpose to help you to see that you hold the power to be a successful entrepreneur while sharing your gifts and talents and serving the world.

You see, once you truly  believe and accept that you really can have, do, be and achieve whatever it is that you want, you become limitless:
You shoot for the stars
You don’t make excuses
You do the work
You don't apologize
You are non-negotiable for your success
You don't give a shit what anyone thinks
You invest 100% in you

And when you are present in that energy, Well, that’s when super big things happen.
And I know super big things will happen for you!

You want to be your own BOSS but are not sure where to begin?

If you answered  Yes, you are in the right place. Have you often contemplated life and your purpose, your dreams and what you really want? You fear change or doubt yourself because someone told you so.  You want to let go of pain and feeling stuck but have no clue where or how to start, let me share how. Deep inside you know that there is more!

You are at a fork in the road
You feel confused or overwhelmed
You have lost yourself and your focus
You have been surviving, but want to be thriving
You have listened to other's and allowed them to control your choices
You are tired of being held back by someone or something

Your unique program will be tailored to you because I do not believe in cookie cutter methods. 

I can help you...........
Get Clarity and start a business
Shift your mindset to become a powerhouse entrepreneur
Put into action the steps to set up, grow and sustain a heart-centered or spiritual business
Create a business that offers freedom, financial income, and Joy
 See things differently to live on purpose 
Take soul inspired action to change what isn't working
Trust your intuition and receive from the universe
Squash fear and feeling paralyzed
Step into your Power and monetize
Say yes to sharing your gifts and talents with the world
Are you ready to say NO ..........
No more working 9-5
No more making someone else rich on your skills
No more kissing ass to hold on to your job
No more shitty hours
No more saying yes, when you mean No!
No more excuses
No more self-doubt
No more life-sucking jobs
No more being taken advantage of 
No more feeling stuck
No more feeling unfulfilled

Are you ready to say YES to yourself?

Follow your dreams and be an Entrepreneur?

I am here to serve you! 
I am honored and grateful to share this healing journey with you.

It's Your time.....

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I'm an Intuitive Business & Empowerment Coach-Consultant for creatives, coaches, Holistic & Spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to bust through their limiting beliefs, start a business and manifest the income, impact, and influence they know they’re meant for.

I’ve worked with clients just like you who were ready to manifest massive success and a heart-centered business, that brings them massive Joy and Abundance.  They’re ready to uplevel their mindset, implement the soul-aligned strategy, stop working 9-5 and making other people rich on their watch, and take massive action to propel them towards the life and business they dream of.

I bring to the table 25+ years being a successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses, business experience, Coaching qualifications, my obsession with Energy work, mindset and soul powered intuition. I get my clients the results to live on purpose with free time, flexibility, and financial abundance to truly enjoy life while doing what they love.